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Nevemind learns what is most relevant to you to give you personalized results every time.

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Stop scrolling through pages of documents and discussions! Nevemind summarily answers any question, with relevant links to your sources.

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Smart Tasks

Let Nevemind handle your day-to-day tasks like sending emails, discussion follow-ups, scheduling meetings, setting up reminders, and so much more.

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Keeps Your Data Safe

Your data remains private. By using Nevemind your data won't leave your device and you'll remain the only one who can access your files!

Runs Offline

Our Machine Learning models run locally on your devices.

Strong Encryption

To prevent malicious actors from tampering with your files.

Controlled Access

Only users with access will be able to find certain files.

No Ads Or Trackers

Because we all hate them.

Closed Beta

  • Prototype 01/11/2022


  • Waitlist 15/11/2022


  • Closed Beta 15/04/2023


  • Onboarding Ongoing

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Nevemind is in Closed Beta.
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About Us

We believe the work experience should be seamless. Imagine a workday where all the information you need comes to you - no more wasted time searching for content. You are now limitless - 10x more productive and brilliant.

Nevemind is intelligent, intuitive and flawlessly improves your work without getting in the way.

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